Start automating your FX and CFD strategies today!

With its intuitive and logical UI, Tradeworks is the easiest way to execute rule-based trading today. Designed for newcomers as well as experienced FX/CFD traders, the simple-to-use interface allows you to automate your trading strategies in minutes.

Why Automate?

Traders across the globe all face the same 3 challenges:

• Abundance of data creates information overload

• Emotions drive poor trading decisions

• 24-hour nature of FX markets make efficient human trading impossible

The answer, of course, is automated trading systems. However, it has so far been too expensive or too cumbersome for retail traders to automate their FX trading and as all automation platforms depend proprietary code-language. Consequently, while as much as 75% of the institutional FX volume is computer-generated, only 25% of retail trades are derived from algos (or automated strategies).

However, with innovative and affordable trade-automation platforms like Tradeworks coming to the market, this is now changing rapidly.

Tradeworks offers low-cost, easily integratable trade automation software that enables retail traders to execute their strategies consistently even when asleep or at work.

3 Great Reasons for Automating your
FX/CFD trading with Tradeworks


Data Driven Trading
Say goodbye to guesswork and lucky shots! Tradeworks enables you to trade unemotionally based on facts and rules, thereby making it easier to stick to your trading plan and achieve consistent returns.


Trade Around The Clock
Trade automation ensures that your trades are executed automatically in a quick and efficient manner, even when you are offline or asleep. With Tradeworks, you will never miss a trading opportunity again.


Optimize Your Risk Management
Risk Management is key to good trade performance. Tradeworks comes with a comprehensive array of money management tools to help clients control risk and optimizetheir trading performance.

Enjoy many additional benefits from Tradeworks...


Built-in Strategy Backtesting
Validate your trading strategies in Tradeworks by testing their performance across historical data in our built-in proprietary back-testing engine. This helps you gain a higher degree of confidence prior to launching your strategies on either demo or live trading accounts.

Work with pre-designed template strategies
Check out our pre-designed template trading strategies to quickly understand how automated strategies are designed. Tweak and optimize them to perfection in our Strategy Editor.


Realtime Performance Analytics
Get quick, real-time insight into how your trading strategies are performing through the Tradeworks Performance Analyzer which continuously monitors all your active strategies in real time.


Access from anywhere
No need to download any software to your PC. Your strategies are securely hosted in the cloud and can be accessed from any of your devices at any time.

Dedicated Support
Got stuck? Whatever your question or problem is, our friendly support team is always ready to help you make the most of Tradeworks.

Secure and private
Enjoy peace of mind with our high security cloud platform where all your strategies are kept in your personal account.

Save money
Tradeworks runs on secure servers in the cloud and does not require VPS – saving you money!

Choose any broker you like
Our trade automation tool runs on top of your MT4 trading account. Start automating your trading by connecting your Tradeworks account to any broker of your choice.


What’s to wait for?

Take advantage of this limited time special offer of USD 45 (normal retail price USD 55). Sign up for the Tradeworks premium Trader plan and enjoy the following benefits:

• Unlimited information processing

• Unemotional trade execution for trading around the clock

• Easy to use with no programming needed - Intuitive, simple interface.

• Innovative risk management tools

• Accurate built-in back-testing

• Access anywhere, anytime

• No VPS required – saves money

For only $45 per month (normal price $55 per month). You can cancel at any time.


Trade Automation Made Beautifully Simple